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Employment Agencies Bay Area

Premier Staffing is the talent acquisition expert for the hottest emerging growth companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. At Premier, we're about fulfilling potential. We are partner with clients to find the best talent to fuel your business. #talentfuelsgrowth

#7 - Bay Area Best Places to Work - 2015
#15 - Bay Area's Top 100 Largest Woman Owned Companies - 2015
#68 - Bay Area's Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies - 2015
#2438 - Inc5000 - 2015


Established in 1998.

Since its founding in 1998, Premier has been a true strategic partner and trusted advisor to its select clients throughout the Bay Area. Being the leader in temporary agencies and full-time employment for San Francisco, the East Bay, and Silicon Valley, our primary goal is to partner with Best-in-Class companies to help them build their best hiring practices, employee development programs and retention goals.

Meet the Business Owner

Sara is founder and CEO of Premier Inc. Prior to founding Premier in 1998, Sara had a successful career in recruiting, sales and management. With over 14 years of experience in the staffing sector it is Sara's passion for staffing and recruiting that really sets her apart. As a born leader and entrepreneur, building Premier's highly accomplished team has been one of Sara's greatest rewards. Her leadership has guided Premier to its recognition as one of the top staffing companies in the Bay Area, receiving many honors including "Inc 5000 Best Companies", "Bay Area's Top 100 Woman Owned Companies.

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