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Action Employment Services (AES) is an evidence-based program that utilizes the Supported Employment/Individual Placement Support (SE/IPS) model to help people age 18 and older who have mental illness and other disabilities to identify and acquire jobs of their choice in the community through rapid job search and placement services. Working offers an opportunity to build confidence, aid recovery and provide social interaction; and is a way to increase income. AES can also help people keep their jobs without losing their benefits. The Social Security Administration has designated Action Employment Services as an Employment Network to assist individuals to achieve their employment goals through the Ticket to Work program.

InterAct also offers Supported Employment Services at its Grand Rapids, Michigan location. This program offers the same range of services described here under the label “AES”—the Kalamazoo program name.

Choose a Job

Action Employment Services can help people choose the job that is the best fit by:

  • Identifying personal strengths, skills, and interests
  • Offering career planning to help identify the type of work that meets their needs
  • Assisting individuals to find a part- or full-time job in the community

Get a Job

Action Employment Services works with a wide variety of employers in the area who offer part-time and full-time options such as: janitorial and maintenance, food service, retail, assembly, and office positions. We help prepare people to develop the skills needed to get their desired job by:

  • Aiding in resume development
  • Training in filling out applications and interviewing
  • Assisting with transportation issues
  • Providing rapid job search to put job seekers in front of an employer within the first 30 days

Keep a Job

Once working, Action Employment Services can help people keep their jobs by:

  • Offering on-site job coaching to train and maintain employment
  • Visiting the job site to provide follow-along support
  • Maintaining employee/employer communication through consultation and negotiation
  • Providing benefits counseling to understand how job income affects SSI and SSDI


In addition to helping people achieve their personal employment goals, Action Employment Services outcomes include:

  • Rapid job search with high rates of employer contacts in first 30 days
  • Job placement rates over 50%
  • High rate of satisfaction with services
  • One of the highest fidelity-rated SE/IPS programs in the state

What People Say About our Action Employment Services

  • “I can count on Action Employment Services when there is a problem on the job. You were right there to help.”
  • “I’m a lot stronger as a person and have a better outlook because I have a job.”
  • “Action Employment helped to motivate me when I thought I would never get another job.”
  • “I have interviewed several clients of AES. I hired one who has been with me going on two years. Very reliable, trustworthy, and dependable.”

How to Enroll

Referrals and authorizations for payment for Action Employment Services may be obtained by calling the Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (KCMHSAS) Access Center at (269)373-6000.

If you are working with Michigan Rehabilitation Services, ask your counselor for a referral to help with job search and follow-along supports; in Kalamazoo to Action Employment Services; and in Grand Rapids to Supported Employment Services.

If you have a Ticket to Work through the Social Security Administration, or would like any other information about employment or other services offered by the agency, contact InterAct between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday in Kalamazoo at 269-381-3700; in Grand Rapids at 616-259-7900; or email us here.

Success Stories

Read about successes experienced by people served through AES.

Employer of the Year Awards

  • 2015 - Walgreen's, West Main St.
  • 2014 - Taco Bell, Portage Rd.
  • 2013 - Walmart, Gull Rd.
  • 2012 - Community Advocates
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