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Vacation Service - also known as seasonal service, holiday hold and snowbird billing - lets you put your services on hold if you're going to be away from home for an extended period of time. It's a better option than disconnecting your account and is popular with customers who have vacation homes or who travel a lot.

Benefits of using Vacation Service

With Vacation Service, you can put your phone, Internet and/or television service on hold until you're ready to use them again. There are number of advantages to doing this. For instance, while your services are suspended:

  • Your telephone number is reserved.
  • You can keep (and use) your email address.
  • You don't have to return your equipment and can keep it in your home.
  • Your saved DVR content remains undisturbed and ready for your return.
  • You pay a reduced rate for your services.
  • In most areas, you don't have to pay to reinstall your service.

Did you know? AutoPay is a convenient way to pay your bill while you're away from home.

How Vacation Service works

  1. Check that you live in an eligible area and have a zero balance.
  2. Ask when you want the hold to start and the billing address you'll be using when you're away.
  3. Set up a work order and begin blocking your services on the business day you specified.

Understanding your reduced rates

*If you live in Florida, there's no charge for your Internet service while it's on hold.

While it varies somewhat based on where you live - generally - there is no minimum amount of time a service must be active before putting it on hold, but you must keep it on hold for at least one month. In most areas, service cannot be kept on hold longer than 9 months in a 12 month period.

IMPORTANT: If you don't call us to reactive your service within 9 months, the Vacation Service discount will automatically be removed from your account and billing will resume at full price. However, your service will remain on hold until you contact us and request to have it reactivated.

How your CenturyLink services are impacted

While your telephone, Internet and/or television services are on hold, you cannot use them. Because this can significantly impact your day-to-day activities, be sure you understand how each of your services will be impacted before you put your service(s) on hold.

CenturyLink Home Phone

  • While your service is on hold, you will not have dial tone and people will not be able to call you.
  • You can keep your CenturyLink Long Distance plan while your account is suspended. You will not be charged for the service until you re-active your account.
  • We no longer offer a standalone voicemail service. If you put your phone service on hold, you'll lose your greeting and any contents in your mailbox, including saved messages.
  • If you have two phone lines, you must suspend both (or neither).
  • If you put your phone service on hold, you must also put your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet service on hold too.

Note: CenturyLink Lifeline customers are not eligible to put their telephone service on hold - unless they drop out of the assistance program. (If you stop participating in the Lifeline program, you will need to re-apply to participate again.)

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Slinky - Public Service Announcement
Slinky - Public Service Announcement
Chain Link Fence | Fence Rental |Temporary Fence Rental
Chain Link Fence | Fence Rental |Temporary Fence Rental
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