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We are a small, selective team of data scientists that love analyzing and visualizing data to solve important problems. As a growing company with a flat hierarchy, we look for colleagues who don't need a boss to get things done and are comfortable stepping up to lead when necessary. Everyone at Datascope is involved in work that has a visible impact on the future of our company.

Not sure if you're a data scientist? Our team includes a physicist-gone-wild, a criminal-minds-investigating neuroscientist, a Navy-Lieutenant-turned-investment-banker who's since seen the light, and a robotics wizard, among others. There are plenty of former engineers, mathematicians, and statisticians too.

Everyone at Datascope learns from each other on a continual basis. What can we learn from you?

Our ideal colleague...

  • does not take themselves too seriously.
  • is not afraid to learn something new.
  • likes math.
  • continuously strives to improve on writing and speaking.
  • is motivated by projects that will likely have a positive contribution to society.
  • is comfortable with ambiguity and freedom.
  • strives to be an excellent and versatile computer programmer.
  • is a design thinker.
  • is creative and willing to think out of the box.
  • is well-versed in a breadth of topics, from contemporary issues in world politics to Bayesian model selection.
  • is eager to contribute to our culture of exploration, learning, and diversity of thought.
  • complements our existing team in unique and unexpected ways.
  • isn't scared by words like python, scikit-learn, d3.js, map-reduce or R and, better yet, knows how to use them.

A stereotypical day at Datascope

In short, there isn't a "typical" day at Datascope. One day you might be bouncing between coffee shops talking with prospective clients and colleagues. The next day you might be coding up a visualization, grabbing lunch at a food truck, and then brainstorming concepts for a client proposal late in the day. The following day you might write in the morning and pair program with a colleague in the afternoon. But if you aggregate statistics across days, it might look something like this:

You have a life

We value colleagues that have interests and expertise beyond the typical "marketable skill set." We wholeheartedly embrace colleagues that have recently taken up crocheting, become avid cyclists, love playing and listening to funk, are world-class bridge players, enjoy cooking in all its glory, or tinker with robotics and home automation. We believe it is important to enjoy what you do while we are in the office, but that it is just as important to have something that you look forward to doing when you leave!

Obviously you'll need a way to pay for this lavish lifestyle. We have a very straightforward compensation package that reflects the fact that we value everyone's opinion equally—we all receive the same healthcare and retirement benefits and we're all paid the same salary month-to-month.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

We welcome applications from anyone, particularly individuals who add to our existing team in unique, interesting, and fun ways. We hire opportunitistically, so be sure to at least make an attempt to craft an application that gets past our spam filters (no really, we wrote one for overly generic applications).

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Source: datascopeanalytics.com
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