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Aerotek Staffing Services

Staffing agency Aerotek offers recruiting services for job seekers in search of short-term, contract-based jobs. The firm focuses on specific industries, like engineering, skilled trades, clinical work, and government services.

Facts About Working at Aerotek

Minimum Age to Work at Aerotek: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Aerotek?)

Aerotek Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm; Closed Saturday and Sunday

Available Positions at Aerotek: Customer Support Associate/CSA, Receptionist, Sales Associate, Recruiter, Administrative Assistant/AA, Business Operations Associate/BOA, Customer Service Representative, Assist Controller/AC, Office Manager, Sales Manager, Account Manager, Branch Director, Financial Analyst, Human Resources Generalist, Marketing Associate

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Aerotek Job Opportunities

Affiliated with thousands of companies worldwide, Aerotek uses professional contacts to pair motivated applicants with desirable work opportunities. The agency uses multiple methods to recruit, including contract-to-hire, direct staffing, and contract staffing. A simple program called Perfect Fit measures candidate abilities and interests and then sources the information to companies looking for specific types of workers. Potential employees typically undergo pre-employment screening to further demonstrate skills and abilities and then receive professional criticism during the first few weeks of assuming a new outsourced position.

The specific hiring requirements applicants need to gain employment through a staffing company vary by industry and job title. Applicants should always bring updated resumes to each and every pre-employment session to better provide examples of past work experiences, talents, accolades, and abilities. Aerotek gains notoriety for expediting the recruiting process, which may require applicants to prepare as much as possible prior to applying for temp jobs through the company. Available resources to help prepare applicants include videos, case studies, testimonials, and information regarding industry turnover regularly updated on the corporate website.

Employment as an Aerotek Temp Worker

Focusing on specific industries, Aerotek looks for the specific credentials and professional interests of candidates prior to placing workers in jobs. The main types of work the staffing firm recruits for include direct employment, contract-to-hire, and contract staffing jobs. Each type of employment carries varying durations. Once the agency places applicants, the staffing firm works with each company to ensure matches prove beneficial for all parties. Workers in contract positions who maintain professional attitudes and exemplary work ethics may receive offers of employment for long-term jobs. Contract-to-hire opportunities usually conclude with a full job offer. Direct employment associates receive full employment immediately, in most cases.

Potential Responsibilities and Requirements

Depending on the type of position desired, workers may assume a wide array of responsibilities upon hire. Contractual work offered through Aerotek includes opportunities in both professional office settings and jobs in the field. Government positions may include manual labor, such as roadwork, maintenance, and biological services, or administrative duties like filing or taking memos. Engineering positions may require mathematical aptitudes and professional degrees. Many clerical positions available through the staffing firm require some experience using computers. Applicants must generally stand at least 18 in order to use the services provided by the temp service company.

Pay Expectations and Work Benefits

The minimum wage for contract workers performing entry-level jobs on behalf of the U.S. Federal Government sets at $10.10 an hour. Workers placed in similar industries may receive around the same in terms of hourly pay rates. Specific job titles and tenure each company often bears the most influence on potential salary expectations as a temp-hire employee. Clerical office workers may receive between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour, while managers may make as much as $40, 000 to $50, 000 a year, depending on length of contract or intent to hire. Scientific fields typically pay out varying salary rates, as well. Job benefits usually stand available for qualified employees at many companies throughout the United States; however, contract workers generally must receive offers of employment and join staffs full-time in order to become eligible for time off, 401(k) retirement plans, and healthcare options.

Tips For Applying

Workers should take full advantage of the online resources Aerotek provides temp job seekers prior to applying for positions. Updating professional resumes and providing cover letters may improve odds of gaining a temporary job with the possibility for full-time hire as well. Remain dedicated and motivated to attend each meeting set up with the staffing firm and provide detailed information about personal and professional backgrounds. Candidates may stand better chances of receiving job placements when providing staffing agents with more detailed information.

Application Status

In most cases, applicants receive confirmation of job placement via email or by telephone. Notifications during personal interviews or hiring sessions may occur; however, a majority of temp service jobs take time to organize. Applicants may contact Aerotek in the days after pre-employment meetings to check on application status. Show initiative may demonstrate continued and furthered interest in working a temp job.

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