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I have been in the staffing industry for over 36 years. In 1998, I opened my first PrideStaff office to serve the San Diego community. In 2004, my second location, Carlsbad, opened in order to better service the North County of San Diego. During that time, my team has been assisting companies with strategic planning of their staffing needs. My team and I bring many years of experience in the staffing industry. With my team, PrideStaff has been able to assist companies in all industries to make better hiring decisions and improve their bottom line. The passion I have for making a difference in peoples’ lives is what I have brought to my two PrideStaff offices.

Prior to opening my PrideStaff offices, I worked for an international staffing service as a Regional Vice President and was responsible for the success of 12 offices.

I am also a member of the San Diego Society for Human Resources and every year for the past 11 years I have served on the A Team for Workplace Excellence. The San Diego SHRM Workplace Excellence Award educates and enlightens San Diego business leaders on the contributions that exceptional HR practices make to the success and profitability of an organization.

I have been recognized by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the Top 50 Woman Business owners in San Diego.

PrideStaff earned certification as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise in 2002.

I believe in raising awareness in the fight against Breast and Pancreatic Cancer. Every year my PrideStaff offices raise money for a cancer cure by participating in Making Strides and PurpleStrides.

The Big Picture:

At PrideStaff, we are engaged in our Mission: “Consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.” We have the resources and expertise of a large, national firm and the level of service you would expect from a local team. We deliver our Mission Statement to our clients using our team of experienced staffing professionals in our San Diego and Carlsbad locations. Our first step is to meet with our clients to gain a clear understanding of what each client values most. As a team, we collaborate on solutions and strategies that will deliver the value experience that is most critical to their business.

We take the same approach with our associates; the candidates that come to our offices looking for employment. Once candidates meet our hiring criteria we have one-on-one personal interviews to determine how their skills and experience will help them secure a great position. During that interview we discuss what they value most as an employee such as environments they like to work in, commute time and the talents and skills they like to use the most.

Another element of “The Big Picture” is the uniqueness of the PrideStaff business model. We are a locally owned business with a focus on each market we serve. Being locally owned provides our clients and associates with flexibility and quick decision making; two critical elements in a changing business climate. Along with this speed and flexibility we are supported by a Home Office with a national scope and advanced technical resources. The support our corporate office provides allows us to focus on the clients and associates in our markets by partnering with us to manage the back-office operations.

Our clients and employees choose PrideStaff because of the results and experience they receive as partners with PrideStaff. PrideStaff chooses to work with our clients and employees because our values align and we have solutions that fit their challenges.

The Scoop on Staffing:

In our market we are seeing companies taking advantage of our temporary staffing solutions. Companies are growing and revenue is increasing. However, due to the uncertainty in the market and changes in total direct payroll costs, many companies are hesitant to take the step of hiring full-time employees. In the past, many companies would have hired employees in the same circumstances. Using our temporary solution allows our clients to grow, complete a project or service a specific client without the cost of hiring full time employees.

With the insurgence of temporary placements, we are placing PrideStaff associates on longer term temporary assignments. We are able to take those associates who have been long term assignments into new opportunities when their assignment ends. We are attracting a wide range of candidates; from entry-level to executive experience in administrative, finance and manufacturing sectors.

Secrets to Success:

Honesty and integrity are above all the most important values in life.

Personal goals drive business goals.

Laugh every day.

Knowledge is power – learn something daily.

Celebrate success – often! Do the happy dance.

Support causes you believe in.

Live, Laugh and Love.

Focus on the positives.

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