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Employment Agencies Oahu

Since 1981, Aloha International Employment, Inc., one of the top staffing agencies in Hawaii, has focused on new, effective strategies to help businesses meet their employment needs. At AIE, a “Full Service Employment Agency”, we offer Employee Leasing, Staffing Services, and Employee Proficiency Testing, allowing you to focus on your business.

At AIE, our goal since the start of our agency, has been to Staffing agencies Hawaii - Employees provide premium staffing solutions to businesses throughout Maui and Oahu. Whether you have a seasonal job that needs to be filled by a temporary and qualified employee or would like to consider a temp-to-hire employee, our professional and friendly team will help you find the perfect person for the job.

Why Do Companies Use AIE’s Staffing Services?

We understand the focus and time that is needed in running a business. When you need to hire employees, it can be an overwhelming task and you simply don’t have the time or resources. Companies chose Aloha International Employment, Inc., one of the top staffing agencies in Hawaii, for numerous reasons. At AIE, we will:

  • Save you the time and money needed to recruit new staff
  • We find the right staff for the job you need filled
  • Do all the paperwork needed for a new employee
  • Make sure your employee has suitable job skills
  • Ensure that our employees are eligible for employment and drug-free

Unexpected Staffing Issues? Call AIE, One of the Top Staffing Agencies in Hawaii

Do you have an injured or sick employee? Do you need extra help on a special, short-term project? Do you have employees on leave? Call us right away! At AIE, we will quickly fill your job opening with a qualified and skilled employee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your AIE employee, we will find a more suitable replacement immediately. We value your business and we want to help you keep your company running.

Are you impressed with your AIE employee and want to make them part of your permanent team? At Aloha International Employment, Inc., we take pride in our qualified and professional employees. We can help you make your temporary employee a permanent member of your staff!

When using a staffing agency, you need an experienced employment agency you can trust. At AIE, we have successfully staffed businesses throughout Maui and Oahu for decades. Trust us with all of your staffing needs!

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