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Welcome to Integrated Staffing Solutions!

At ISS we make a commitment to the companies with which we partner; a commitment to the quality of the individuals that we employ. We know that it is the employees, just like you, who help us fulfill this commitment every day.

We recognize that you have many choices in today’s market and we are grateful that you choose to work with ISS. In return, we want you to feel comfortable with working for the fastest growing staffing service in the area. We place a high value on our reputation, which has been earned by providing the highest quality of service to our clients. We have confidence in you and your ability to perform and want to make sure you understand exactly what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. You are important to us and we will do whatever is within our power to assist you with your career.

By working together, we become Integrated.

What we expect from you…

NEAT APPEARANCE – Take pride in yourself and your appearance. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Your dress should always be neat and clean, especially in interview situations. Avoid extremes in clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry. Most companies have a specific dress code, which will be explained for each assignment.

RELIABILITY – The customer and ISS is counting on you. Punctuality and dependability are extremely important so please honor your commitment to be at work when scheduled, on time and to completing the tasks which have been accepted by you.

PROFESSIONAL COURTESY – Do not use customers’ equipment for personal business and do not take any items that do not belong to you. Be polite and treat others as you would like to be treated. Do not disclose any confidential and proprietary information of any ISS customer.


You will be offered assignments based on your experience, skills, and previous performance and availability. An ISS representative will tell you the hours, job descriptions, dress code, pay rate, and length of each assignment. When you accept an assignment, be sure to record all the information to eliminate confusion and misdirection. While you have the right to refuse an assignment, if you accept an assignment, you are expected to complete the assignment. Understand that the length of the assignment is based on the customer’s need and may vary and change without notice. If the customer changes your job responsibilities, you should notify an ISS representative immediately as you pay rate may change as well. If you do not complete an assignment or do not contact ISS for reassignment at the conclusion of your assignment, then ISS can assume that you have voluntarily quit, which may result in your pay dropping to minimum wage, and may negatively affect your ability to obtain unemployment benefits.


It is very important that you be at work on time. If, for some unexpected reason such as an emergency or illness, you cannot make it to work or will be late, you MUST contact an ISS representative at least 1 hour before the start of your shift. For your convenience, ISS has a 24 hour answering service please call your . A message left with the client will not be considered proper notification. You must call in your absence each day that you are not able to work. If you become ill on the job, first report to your immediate supervisor, and then contact an ISS representative. If you need to discontinue an assignment for any reason, contact ISS at least one day in advance and we will notify the client company. Do not be tardy. Tardiness means not being at your workstation ready to work on time, including arriving late from breaks or meal times.

If you fail to notify ISS of your absence, we will consider you to have voluntarily quit and you will be deactivated from ISS. Failure may also result in your pay dropping to minimum wage and may negatively affect your ability to obtain unemployment benefits.


Having your timecard filled out promptly and properly will ensure that you get paid on time. It is your responsibility, not the client’s to submit your timecard to ISS for payment. ISS will not recognize or pay for any hours worked by you in the absence of a timecard signed by both you and the client. At some worksites your timecard may be submitted directly to ISS by the client.

Steps to Properly Complete Your Time Card:

• You must include your name and the name of the company on your timecard.

• Be sure your timecard is signed by you and your supervisor.

• Enter the dates of the work week on the timecard.

• All times should be rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

• You are expected to start work at the appointed time. Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before to ensure you are ready.

• Submit your timecard to your branch before noon on Monday in order to be paid in a timely manner.


ISS is committed to the safety and loss control. Safety must be taken seriously, for your well being, as well as those working around you. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with ISS’s safety rules. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, up to and including deactivation of employment.

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Pink Floyd Cover - Time - by Hawaii Headhunters (2011)
Pink Floyd Cover - Time - by Hawaii Headhunters (2011)
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Stage Dolls Cover - Love Cries - by Hawaii Headhunters
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