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I have been a part of the PrideStaff team since December of 2009. With my team’s demonstrated experience in management and staffing, we continue to stand out as a leading staffing provider in the Memphis market.

I provide detail-oriented customer service which is required to provide clients with quality employees who have the skills and attitude necessary to meet their needs. My goal is to provide immediate attention, active consultation and effective problem solving that results in the best situation for your company. I am also responsible for servicing, consulting, and problem solving for client’s staffing needs. I have been involved in management and sales for over 13 years, with a background and education in Staffing and Human Resources.

The Big Picture:

PrideStaff continues to focus on our Mission Statement: “Consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.” I pride myself in the ability to understand and meet my client’s needs and expectations.

Having the resources and expertise of a large national firm yet, being able to be locally owned in our market, gives us a competitive edge.

The corporate office of PrideStaff continues to strive to be a leading provider in the staffing industry. With the continued efforts and support of our leadership we continue to have a cutting edge in the industry. With the ongoing training, support and education offered to the PrideStaff offices nationwide it allows our team to focus on what we value the most, our clients.

The Scoop on Staffing:

PrideStaff has been featured and named by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 5 leaders in the industry over the past few years and awarded Best of Staffing by Inavero. These results are compared to other Employment Agencies across North America. This is achieved by the efforts of all of our local offices and our team at Home Office.

The key to developing a long term relationship with our clients is understanding their aches and pains and making sure we are an extension to their own staff. By understanding what our clients expect and need, allows us to develop a long term working relationship. Our focus is to help our clients become the leaders in their industry by providing quality employees to meet their needs. The key to success for PrideStaff and our clients is the quality of applicants we are able to provide.

Secrets to success:

Never expect from others what you would not do yourself.

Know and determine SPECIFICALLY what you seek to achieve.

Without action nothing happens, so TAKE ACTION.

Be willing to change course if necessary.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

What you believe is what is true for you.

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