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Privacy Policy-Direct Staffing Solutions Inc.

One of our main priorities here at Direct Staffing Solution Inc. is to protect our applicants, clients and employees (here in after referred as “Parties”) private and vital information. We believe that privacy is very critical and thus all information collected is never shared to third parties other than mentioned further in this policy.

Which information is collected and how is it used?

We collect parties’ information such as Names, Addresses, Contact number(s), Emergency contacts, Educational history, Resume(s), Qualifications, and previous employment records/references. Once hired validity of parties’ SIN card number and other legal documentations will be verified. Direct Staffing Solutions Inc. respects parties’ privacy and thus would not reproduce or share parties’ information unless required by law. We collect parties’ personal information to identify their needs and assist them accordingly.

Whom would we share the collected information with?

Unless it is an organization which is affiliated to Direct Staffing Solutions Inc., we will not share private records or any part thereof. However, Direct Staffing Solutions Inc. will obey any governed requests that have legal access to parties’ records. Whenever required, we will share your information with THE WORKPLACE SAFETY AND INSURANCE BOARD or any other governed law enforcement agencies. Direct Staffing Solutions Inc. will never use, trade, sell, or reproduce parties’ information other than fore mentioned. Direct Staffing Solutions Inc. will not knowingly contact or forward personal information without expressed permission to do so unless stated within.

We will always give you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving such direct marketing or adversments. You may exercise this right to opt-out at any time.

Is your data secure with us?

Direct Staffing Solutions Inc. protects its collected personal information by the use of firewalls and other safeguards to ensure the data’s security. We take all the necessary measures to avoid any kind of unauthorized access of collected data.

Changes or corrections to your information?

If parties have to update or change any information, Direct Staffing Solutions Inc. advices them to do so. Any information that is provided to us should be up-to-date and correct. If change required, please forward any and all changes to Direct Staffing Solutions Inc. by either E-mail or by calling us directly, confirmation will apply.

Direct Staffing Solutions Inc. is a responsible professional staffing agency that is dedicated to take necessary precautions to protect all parties’ vital information. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact our head office at:

Direct Staffing Solutions Inc.
885 Progress Ave UPH 6

Source: www.directstaffingsolutions.com
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