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TSC Staffing Solutions Inc

We’re a “One-Stop” Shop! Our team of recruiters will provide placement of Forklift Operators, General Warehouse, Clerical, Maintenance Technicians and more. Each of our associates complete registration with a thorough background check, a 10 panel drug screen and reference verification. We provide time management and tracking systems to make temporary associate time reporting easy for your HR and Accounting Departments.

The need for reliability never changes, and certainly doesn't sleep. We provide 24 hour On Call Services. What that means is, if your personnel need occurs at 2 a.m., we've got you covered! But, It doesn't stop there. As co-employers we believe its our duty to work closely with you so that we are ensuring safety consulting, safety training programs as well as injury and illness prevention programs. Our team takes the reigns on Workers Comp Insurance, as well as seeing that our associates are treated by medical specialists in our network.



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    Staffing and Recruiting

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    Privately Held

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