Middletown, DE

Integrity Staffing Solutions Middletown DE

Bilingual Recruiter (Former Employee) – Cleveland, TN –

It's Excellent work for Integrity Staffing Solution.
It's productive and fun workplace.
The pay rate is excellent.
I love to work for Integrity Staffing Solution... but
The only that I don't like is because is a seasonal job.

Shift Manager (Former Employee) – Avenel, NJ –

Loved to manage the Amazon building, however the ISS upper management was a unfair with the treatment towards the shift managers

Warehouse worker (Former Employee) – Hazleton, PA –

it was basically all the same every single day. The hardest part of the job was dealing with favoritism. I learned how to be fair with everyone so once I become a Manager and in the future a CEO do not make the same mistakes that I had encounter in my previous jobs.

Lead Recruiter (Former Employee) – Robbinsville, NJ –

Answer call, talk, interview, process people. you are doing basic HR and handling drug test. You realize that you are providing people jobs and a means to life. Makes you feel good. But upper MGNT only sees them and you as an employee as a number and a pay check and will drop you quick without reason


Good money, fun job, great team


no security when integrity is done you get let go, only temp work mostly

Placement Specialist (Former Employee) – Atlanta, GA –

My work day consist of assisting associates who come in to be placed on a assignment for the Amazon warehouse position. My coworkers were great, I enjoyed working with them.

Warehouse Associate (Temp) (Former Employee) – DuPont, WA –

The most part enjoyable after working was reaching your gaol. enjoy working with openminded colleagues, and close friends etc.

Love the free lunch etc.

i like it more when the manager left me alone when I'm going my job. etc

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) – Indianapolis, IN –

I was fortunate to not listen to the few negative reviews and took a leap of faith and started working at Amazon through Integrity in Indianapolis. I will say there are a lot of different buildings so mine might have been the best one -but my experience was great. The Integrity people are focused on making sure you have all the support you need. There are benefits. They give you time off when you need it. Yes, if you use too much time you are terminated, but where doesn't that happen. The pay is really fair and the work is moderate. Not harder than most jobs I have had and easier than a lot of them. Overall great place to work. The people that did not work out were mostly not very responsible and the complainers. They won't be happy anywhere.

Good pay, friendly managers, supportive, time off when needed

Picking/ Packing (Former Employee) – Chester, VA –

Packing: I scanned tots and carts for items that needed to be packed and sent out.When you scan your items they tell you which box to place the item in. Once you have boxed the item you make sure you have placed bubble wrap in the box and place a spoo on the box and place it on the conveyor belt.
Picking:Grab a scanner, a cart and two tots.Check your scanner it will tell you where to go and what to get .Once your tot is field the scanner will tell nu finished and you place that cart on the conveyor belt.

Sorting, Packing, Picking, EOL (Former Employee) – Hazleton, PA –

While working at Amazon I learned for the first time what is was working in a warehouse, and a day working there was being active continually. I learned a lot of things that have help me while applying to others jobs in which I need that experience there are asking for. I also learned how to have a good communication with others co-workers and managers. In my opinion the harder part of the job was to carry some heavy boxes that they receive as a company, but there were other enjoyable things such as break. While being a break some time they have entertainment and games for workers to participate.

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) – Kent, WA –

A typical day at work will started with exercise and a stretches, learn to operate a power industrial trucks, management was great, most of my co-workers were friendly

water bottles near by

Stower (Former Employee) – Chester, VA –

This is the same as my first job so I don't think I need to say the same thing over again. This job included a lot of walking that didn't bother me much because i love to work.

Pit Operator (Former Employee) – Phoenix, AZ –

* Certified Forklift Operator unloads trucks and places the product on the shelves.
* Use hand held scanners to place goods in the inventory and to remove for shipping.

Customer Service (Former Employee) – Robbinsville, NJ –

Constantly enjoying a fast paced work while steadily holding an above average rate. Occasional heavy lifting, keeping a well detailed track of items needed to be picked. Labeling missing and damaged products for inventory control, along with tote replenishment to each station to maintain the daily work-flow.

Dealing with incorrect informants.

Production Associate (Former Employee) – New Castle, DE –

Very long hours .Lots of walking involved. It was pretty easy to get hired to work for amazon .Expectations for new hires was extreme

Stower/Production Worker (Former Employee) – Chester, VA –

The work is hard on the body, and stressful in order to maintain rating to be hired permanently.

pretty good pay wages

short breaks and obnoxious managers

Lead Manager Specialist (Current Employee) – Delaware, NJ –

As a manager i usually has superior communication skills, and very helpful in facilitating interaction among staff and managers. A morning may start with advising a customer service team on improving telephone skills. Courtesy and patience are qualities that favorably influence customers, and a representative can make a good impression by using them. Making notes to follow up on improvements is usually the last step in advisory meetings.
An individual conference with an employee who has concerns about discrimination issues requires careful listening and understanding. Asking questions that let an employee describe details about potential issues can help a me as a manager resolve problems at an early stage. When an employee feels singled out, it is helpful to explain that company policies apply to everyone equally. Promising to discuss the issue with an employee is usually effective. Scheduling a meeting with the appropriate manager puts an item on the agenda for follow up

sometimes we provide coffee and hot tee for the employees

we do sometime give them a 15 minutes break just o the can catch the breath

Packer (Current Employee) – Louisville, KY –

I am packer which means packing several products in various boxes. The packing department is a big area which means at any given time I can be another area. Each other these are a little different on how there step up but basically severe the same function which is packing product. The area I am in doesn't require any walking and has a mat at every station. Everyone must pack a certain rate or it lead to termination.

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