Joe, Senior Vice President and

Scientific Atlanta Careers

SRC was founded in 1988 as an entrepreneurial, engineering & technology startup based in Atlanta, GA, focused on becoming the premier provider of technology solutions for national defense and global security. In 2013, were celebrating our 25th anniversary and have now grown to a $370M company with over 1, 500 employees throughout the United States and around the globe.

We have built our business through an unwavering commitment to provide our customers with innovative electronic systems, comprehensive engineering services and superior technical support and solutions. Equipping military personnel with improved capabilities for protecting our country and interests around the world is our primary objective.

We are looking for talented people across a spectrum of disciplines, as well as world-class leaders for our business who enjoy working on the latest technologies, systems and applications and have a commitment to delivering exceptional quality, value and results

What is our work environment?

We take pride in our work, embrace change and know we must move out of our comfort zone in order to maximize our full potential. What SRC employees learn and contribute is a direct reflection of how much risk we are willing to take. Ultimate success comes from a combination of innovation, perseverance, knowledge, calculated risks and exceeding customer expectations. Our employees desire to make an impact and learn - whether they are recent graduates, seasoned professionals or transitioning military / government professionals.

Why should you work at SRC?

SRC is an industry leader in national defense and global security, because we:

  • Are committed to providing products and services that demonstrate superior technology and workmanship.
  • Are focused on innovative solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations in the markets we serve.
  • Believe our success is directly tied to the success of our customers our products and services must help our customers excel in their own environments.
  • Are dedicated to honoring the commitments we make to others and employing the highest ethical standards of fairness in all dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and competitors.
  • Believe the individual is a critical component within the organization, in order to grow our business. In turn, SRC provides significant career opportunities for career advancement based on demonstrated abilities, without discrimination as to race, religion, national origin, sex, age, or personal disabilities.
  • Strive to maintain a work environment that encourages excellence and teamwork.
  • Believe in open communications between and among all levels of the organization.
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