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The Staffing Needs of Pharmaceutical Industry

Our pharmaceutical recruiters division is focused on assisting companies find and recruit executives for their staffing requirements. The US regulatory authorities constantly keep changing regulations for the pharma industry. Pharmaceutical companies need to keep in pace with the changing regulations and thus it is not always possible for them to have an in-house recruitment When you appoint us as your preferred executive placement agency, you delegate your recruitment process to be undertaken by an experienced pharmaceutical staffing agency. We can fill all your staffing needs at every level of your organization.

We offers a full range of pharmaceutical recruiter’s services custom made to fulfill the executive recruiting required by your company within all departments of the pharma & life sciences industry. Our recruitment service range includes:

Executive Search – Finding executives for the Pharma Industry,
Strategic Selection – Through a scientific selection process,
Assessment Services – Assessing executives for competency,
Interactive and Creative leadership programs,
Tailor-Made One-on-One Couching,
Talent Requirement Design & Talent Search Strategies, Replacement, Succession & Growth Planning.

To view our latest placements within the pharma industry kindly visit our “Pharmaceutical Recruiters – Recent Placements” page. We cater to a placement of executives over a wide niche positions. To understand our range and niches covered by us, visit our “Pharmaceutical Recruiters – Niche Positions” page.

Grooming Executives Today will Ensure Future Growth of Your Company

Companies that manufacture or distribute pharmaceuticals and allied products for disease and injury need to be proactive. A global and futuristic approach is the need of the hour. Thus proper grooming of executives in line with the current market trends and with a futuristic approach will go a long
way to ensure corporate growth.

Thus, attracting the right talent, developing them and retaining them is imperative for your company growth. Hence, you need the services of experienced and trained pharmaceutical recruiters at your side in order to attain your growth objectives.

Your Partners in Pharmaceutical Recruitment:

We are arguably the most resourceful and best positioned recruiters for the life sciences & pharma industry. We can partner with you to help you achieve your staffing and recruitment objectives. Our consultants have worked with the leaders in pharmaceutical industry to help them identify, recruit and train talent. Choosing us will help you drive growth and development within your organization.

Further, our team has a trained eye in identifying talent. We can help you develop future lenders for your company by implementing time-tested solutions and processes to meet your expectations. We are well rooted with-in the life sciences industry with long-term relationships with major stakeholders. As your placement partners, we will make sure that your executives are groomed and equipped to help lead your firm today and in future. We expertise in various pharmaceutical placement niches encompassing a full range of executive recruitment.

Advantages of Hiring Us for Executive Recruitment:

JRG Partners understand the executive requirements of pharmaceutical industry and placement services offered by us are provided keeping the industry requirements into perspective (at every level of the placement process). When you hire us for recruitment needs, you gain additional advantages and benefits as compared to hiring any other recruiter.

Below are 3 reasons or benefits of hiring us for all your staffing needs for the life sciences Industry:

Our Vast Knowledge & Experience of the Pharma Industry

All recruitment agencies have a level of expertise within their target industry. We have been focused on the Pharmaceutical Industry since years and have developed knowledge and experience which helps us make the right choices every time. This knowledge and experience helps us make right choices all through the selection/elimination, shortlisting & grooming the right candidates.

We are upbeat with the latest trends in the market and adopt best recruitment practices while searching and short-listing executives for you. Thus industry knowledge and expertise position us as the best pharmaceutical recruiters around.

An in-exhaustive Talent Pool of Pharmaceutical Executives

We have access to a vast and in-exhaustive talent pool of executives for the pharma industry which helps us find the right talent for you every time (for all departments and levels). All you need to do is to provide us your requirement and we will expedite your search.

Using Us is cost effective

Using our staffing services is very cost effective as compared to both self-recruiting and in comparison to other placement service companies. Recruitment of right executives for the right job-opening helps you save time and costs. Not every placement agency or recruitment firm out there is equipped to effectively handle placement requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. Choosing us will eliminate time-costs associated with getting the right talent. Thus, cost effectiveness and time saving methods applied by us position us as the top pharmaceutical recruiters in the market.

The JRG Partners Pharmaceutical Recruiter’s Edge

We serve pharmaceutical industry clients of all sizes. Right from multi-million dollar large companies to start-up organizations. If you are in the life sciences industry, then, we are naturally your preferred placement consultant. We place executives over a varied spectrum of positions within all departments of pharmaceutical companies. Be it manufacturing, marketing or distribution, we have the right candidates for all your requirements. The types of clients we have worked for include:

  • Class I, II & III Pharmaceutical Firms,
  • Pharmaceutical Instruments Companies,
  • Pharma Appliances and Equipment Companies,
  • Pharmaceutical Suppliers
  • BioPharma Firms
  • Life Sciences Companies
  • BioMedical Technology Firms
  • Neutraceuticals Companies

Our range of talent placement includes staffing at different levels including:

  • Top Management (Board Members, Senior Managers, CEOs, etc.),
  • Middle Level Management (Departmental Heads, Functional Heads, etc.),
  • Sales Department (Sales Executives, Medical Representatives, etc.)
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