Complete Staffing Services

Complete Staffing Services

Our office address is 11500 N.W. Freeway Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77092. We are located between Antoine and 34th street in a half-moon shaped high-rise. Please click here to view a map.

How soon can I start working?

We can assign you a position immediately if we have a job opening for which you are qualified. If we do not have something currently, we will market your skills to our customers in order to find you a position as soon as possible.

Do you only have temporary jobs?

Complete Staffing Services offers both temporary and full-time positions. In fact, most of the jobs that we staff are temp-to-hire. We will inform you at the outset if the job is temporary.

How long do I have to work for Complete Staffing Services before I can work for the client?

In order to work for the client, you must have completed the lesser of 520 hours or 13 weeks as a Complete Staffing Services employee.

What type of jobs do you have?

We offer light industrial, financial/accounting, clerical/administrative, and general labor positions. For a complete list of positions, please visit the Services page.

What type of training do you offer?

Complete Staffing Services does not offer job or skills training. However, we do offer clerical testing to interested applicants.

Do I have to have a clean background?

Yes. We will not hire someone who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.

Do I have to submit a drug test?

Most companies require a drug test, which is performed in our office.

What is your payment schedule?

Payroll checks are issued every Friday.

When do I need to turn in my timesheet?

Timesheets must be submitted to the Complete Staffing Services office by 5pm on Monday in order to be paid by Friday.

How will I get paid if my supervisor does not turn in my timesheet?

You, not your supervisor, are responsible for turning in your timesheet to Complete Staffing Services.

Do you have paid holidays?

Yes. After you have worked 2, 000 hours for Complete Staffing Services, you will receive 6 paid holidays. Upon the completion of 4, 000 hours, you will be entitled to one week of paid vacation.

How long before I am eligible for benefits?

You will be subject to the benefit plan guidelines of our clients as soon as you are hired.

Do you offer referral bonuses?

Yes, we will give you $25 after the person you have referred works 80 hours.

Who do I call if I will be late or unable to work?

Please call us immediately at 713-290-9200.

What if I am injured on the job?

Notify your supervisor and call us immediately at 713-290-9200.

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