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Whether your business is local or has locations across the nation, Penmac offers a type of staffing solution that will meet your unique needs. Our team members have had the privilege of working both with small, family-owned businesses that need extra employees just during a busy few months, as well as with corporations who are looking to staff entire departments. Penmac offers custom staffing solutions because we know not all companies are the same.

If one of these staffing types doesn’t sound perfect for your company, don’t worry. Penmac can create custom solutions for your one-of-a-kind challenges. Your company may need a combination of these staffing services, different solutions at different times, or something altogether different. As a privately held company, Penmac Staffing has the flexibility to affordably customize staffing solutions in order to best serve you. Read more about the types of staffing below. Which staffing solution would best help your business?

On-Demand Staffing can quickly provide you with temporary help.

Do you need good employees fast during seasonal peaks? Or maybe you’re considering ramping up operations, but aren’t sure if you need to permanently hire more people? On-demand staffing is the perfect service for businesses whose needs fluctuate quickly. For those times when your customers place a large order they need filled immediately, or when it’s peak season in your industry, Penmac can fill your staffing needs in a hurry. Our employment agency has a pool of candidates, already interviewed and screened, who are ready to work on short notice. The on-demand staffing solution is ideal for supplementing your permanent staff during especially busy times.

Temp-To-Hire allows employers time to evaluate new workers before hiring.

According to Forbes, as much as 20% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment. This turnover is costly and time-consuming, but Penmac’s temp-to-hire solution lessens the effort spent in recruiting potential new hires, and reduces the uncertainty that accompanies bringing on new staff. This staffing solution allows you to “test drive” employees during those critical first months of employment. After a trial period on Penmac’s payroll, an employer may choose to hire that employee onto their own payroll.

Penmac Staffing offers a unique program for employers who would like to hire on temporary employees: the Penmac Hour Bank. The hours that temporary employees work at your business are all counted and put in a “bank.” When you decide to permanently hire one of the temporary workers, you can use the already accumulated hours to “pay” for your new employee, meaning there is no monetary hiring fee for businesses. This gives companies a great way to try out employees without the onboarding headaches of payroll, training, and more.

Long-Term Staffing reduces employment expenses and HR headaches.

The expertise and efficiencies of business services save companies money every day. By hiring a janitorial company to clean your facilities, you can save money because they have access to specialized equipment and supplies that would be more expensive for you to purchase. By using an accounting firm to assist with your company’s finances, you can rest assured that their vast experience and attention to detail will keep you in the black and compliant with complicated tax codes. Likewise, by partnering with Penmac Staffing to employ your staff on an ongoing basis, we can save you money and time dealing with HR intricacies.

Our long-term staffing option means we remain the employer of record for all or some of your staff the entire time they work for you–potentially for years. We can partner with your existing HR team, or we can serve as your HR department. Our experts who specialize in benefits administration, workers compensation, employment law, and payroll taxes become your experts. Here are a few of the ways long-term staffing from Penmac can benefit your company:

  • Stop worrying about the potential for large financial penalties due to the Affordable Care Act. Because of our large group of participants, we can offer ACA-compliant health benefits at a lower rate than you may be able to attain on your own.
  • Your team can feel secure in their future. Long-term Penmac associates are eligible to participate in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The ESOP, along with our 401k plan with match, are excellent retirement benefits.
  • One major workplace injury can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our workers compensation department would handle any claims from Penmac employees at your worksite. We’ll also ensure employees have proper safety training to minimize the chance of work comp incidents.
  • Payroll regulations, labor law, EEOC guidance, and unemployment requirements are ever-evolving. Penmac stays up-to-date on these issues, allowing you to focus on what you do best—growing your business.

PenPro Talent works to place skilled professionals in permanent positions.

PenPro Talent specializes in full-service, nationwide recruitment. Our talented recruitment specialists work daily looking for candidates with exceptional work histories and specialized talents that fit your company’s culture. All searches are contingent—meaning businesses are only charged after the successful completion of a search. Your hiring managers play a critical role in the final selection of candidates, ensuring a positive placement.

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