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  1. Turn your device completely off then on again:
    iPhone/iPad: hold the HOME and LOCK buttons at the same time for 10 seconds
    Android: hold down the POWER button to open the Device Options dialog then tap POWER OFF).
    (Thanks to Puzzlets Parent Kristy T. for this suggestion!)
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on BEFORE launching Cork the Volcano. If Bluetooth is off, the app will remind you to turn it on in Settings > Bluetooth.
  3. Reset the Play Tray with a paperclip
  4. Close Cork the Volcano app on mobile devices. This generally fixes issues after updating the Play Tray or resetting it.
    iPhone/iPad: double-tap Home button then swipe up.
    Android: app closing guide.
  5. Open Cork the Volcano.
Play Tray Charging & Lights
  1. The Play Tray will take approximately one and a half hours to charge. If you have been charging it for longer, but do not see a BLUE light, your Play Tray is still ready for play. You do not need to charge it to 100% to begin a play session. If you are playing on a Mac via USB, you can start playing as soon as you plug the Play Tray in.
  2. Play Tray light will be RED anywhere between 0-99% charged when connected via USB.
  3. When the Play Tray is 100% fully charged it will change to BLUE
  4. Even if the Play Tray is fully charged, if you disconnect and reconnect it via USB, it will remain RED for about 15 minutes before going back to BLUE.
  5. If the light is OFF, the Play Tray is either:
    • Waiting to connect to a tablet/phone
    • Already connected to a tablet/phone
    • Out of battery. To test if there is battery power, reset the Play Tray with a paper clip to see a PURPLE light, verifying there is battery power.
I Can’t Pair the Play Tray in Bluetooth Settings

Do not attempt to pair the Play Tray via your tablet or phone settings. Cork the Volcano will automatically pair to your Play Tray. Double-check that you have a

Play Tray won’t connect to my Mac computer via Bluetooth

Play Tray can only connect via USB to your Mac computer. The Play Tray is not capable of connecting to your Mac via Bluetooth.

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