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More detailed help can be found by following the appropriate step-by-step online help guides for workers and customers.

Internet Explorer v5 or above for Windows (Note that Web Time is not certified with any other Internet browsers
i.e. Mozilla, Firefox, beta or Mac versions of Internet Explorer)

Web Time requires a PC connected to the Internet ideally via a broadband connection or other high speed
Internet connection with a recommended screen resolution of 1024x768 and an Internet Browser as specified above.

Web Time can be accessed from any Internet connected PC as long as it meets the basic requirements listed above.

The URL for Kelly Web Time is

When you submitted your time-sheet, an email was dispatched to your Approval Manager with a link to log in, view
your submitted timesheet and undertake one of the following actions:

• Approve your timesheet – In this case you will receive an email notification to advise you that your timesheet
has been approved. You will be able to view the approved timesheet in your View Timesheets list. An approved
timesheet will have a status of Approved on this screen.

• Reject your timesheet and write a reason for rejection - In this case you will receive an email notification to
advise that your timesheet has been rejected. To view the reason for rejection, log on and go to the View
Timesheets screen and click on the hyperlink on the weekending date. Discuss the issue with your Approval
Manager or your Kelly Consultant. After agreeing on the outcome, only your Approval Manager or your Kelly
Consultant can amend the timesheet if required.

• Edit your timesheet - Your approval Manager has the ability to edit the timesheet information that you have
submitted, however you will be notified by email that this has occurred and you are encouraged to log in to view
the change.
If you dispute or have concerns over this amendment please contact your Approval Manager or Kelly Consultant.

If you submitted your timesheet and realise it is incorrect, speak to your Approval Manager.

They have the ability to amend your submitted hours prior to approving them. If the incorrect hours have already been
approved, contact your Kelly Consultant.

You must enter your time for the previous week by Monday 9.00am. Payment will then be processed and will reach your
account the following Friday.

Your Kelly Consultant will advise you when you need to submit your timesheet on these occasions throughout the year.

Please contact your Kelly Consultant at your branch. Branch contact details can be found on the
Kelly website -

If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact your Kelly Consultant at your branch.

You should ask your manager to approve your timesheet.

If your Approval Manager is out of the office, check if there is a backup approver who can approve your hours.

If your hours have not been approved by 4pm on a Monday (adjusted for Public Holidays) Kelly Services has an agreement
with your Approval Manager to process submitted hours and follow up for approval later.

Timesheets must be submitted by Monday 9.00am in order to be processed in the weekly payroll.

A timesheet is required for each assignment you work on each week. In most cases entering just one timesheet can
accommodate shift work. If in doubt please discuss this with your Kelly Consultant.

If you have not entered your hours by the Monday 9.00am deadline, do so immediately, and contact your Kelly Consultant to
inform them of the delay. If you do not enter a timesheet for your hours you will not get paid.

In the first instance attempt to login to Web Time again and click on Forgotten Reference No./Password. Complete the
information requested and you will be notified of the details via email.

If this fails, please contact your Kelly Consultant at your branch. Branch contact details can be found on the
Kelly Services website -

You should be able to see all timesheets for staff that you are responsible for.

If you cannot see all of your staff's timesheets please contact your Kelly Consultant.

Once successfully logged into Web Time, you may change your password by selecting Update Password:

• Enter your Current Password in the Old Password field

• Enter a New Password (case-sensitive).

• Re-enter your New Password (case-sensitive).

• Click Submit.

• You will receive an email to confirm your password change

If you are absent for any reason, do not enter hours for that period.

Requests for Holiday should be made through your Kelly Consultant.

You may only enter a timesheet for up to four weeks in arrears of the date you worked. Should you

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