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…and achieve better hiring results. At Bailiwick Search Group, we don’t just fill positions, we solve business challenges. When it comes to accounting & finance recruitment agencies, our results are unmatched. Bailiwick carries this level of expertise to all of our specialized searches – becoming one of the leading pharmaceutical recruitment agencies and life science recruitment agencies. Our industry-focused specialists understand the unique challenges of the industries that we serve.

Bailiwick Search Group can help you:

  • Find and retain the most coveted financial and scientific talent
  • Proactively target and engage passive candidates
  • Improve business processes
  • Drive innovation and project completion
  • Ensure quality and compliance
  • Meet critical deadlines

Executive Search

Trust Bailiwick to locate difficult-to-find, in-demand leaders. We launch a nationwide confidential search for proven professionals with the ability to execute on your vision and make a positive impact on your organization.

Permanent Placement

The best candidates may not be looking for new opportunities or reading job postings. Bailiwick sources, attracts and screens professionals with experience in accounting, finance and the scientific fields – offering customized search options that meet your specific needs.


Select a contractor to evaluate at your organization before adding them to your payroll. Assess for performance and fit and avoid hiring errors.

Contract Staffing

Manage talent shortages and project-based hiring needs with contract specialists for your long- and short-term needs. Scale your workforce to meet demands while improving performance and controlling costs.

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Employment agency Irvine CA | Call 484 3577
Employment agency Irvine CA | Call 888 484 3577
Sun Ra - Outer Space Employment Agency
Sun Ra - Outer Space Employment Agency
The Employment Agency, Series 2, Thanks a Lot, Milton
The Employment Agency, Series 2, Thanks a Lot, Milton ...
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